Seungyoon appears on JTBC Nice Alone as AKMU’s close friend, April 2021

Seungyoon guested on JTBC’s Nice Alone as AKMU’s close friend Monday, April 12!

Alone Nice is an observation reality tv program that shows celebrities who have never lived alone in their whole lives as they learn how to strike out on their own and live independently for the first time. The show will follow these celebrities throughout the whole process of living independently, including finding their own house themselves. AKMU is one of the celebs who recently moved out from their parents’ home

Cuts (with English Subs)

JTBC Nice Alone, Episode 7 Cuts


On the 7th episode of Alone Nice, Seungyoon says after filming for WINNER’s <HOLD> MV with Suhyun as a couple, he’s been feeling awkward to which Suhyun returns “I haven’t felt awkward at ALL”, shocking Seungyoon. He says “Guess I was the only one that was sincere…”. They’ll talk a bit about filming that scene on the show too. Watch the preview clip below!

Translated by @4winnr
Source: Osen

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