Seungyoon comes back on Naver Now Mino & PO’s Brrrr Friends to promote [PAGE]

Seungyoon came back on Naver Now Brrrr Friends for another fun-filled episode with Mino & PO on March 31, 2021 – this time to promote the release of his 1st solo full album [PAGE]!

The show started off playing IYAH version with Yoon Jongshin and since then was played/sung about 4-5 times more! Seungyoon discussed his album process and explained each track one by one. We even got a treat from our vocal king with full live performance of IYAH & BETTER (with Mino). A lot more singing with live snippets of SKIP, CAPTAIN, WE NEED LOVE! + a game betting on a Brrrr Friends concert!

Seungyoon first appeared on the show Sepetember of last year. Watch it HERE!

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