Seungyoon revealed his sincere thoughts on making his solo comeback.

From the 14th to 17th of March, Seungyoon looked back into his past 10-year journey of music through the ‘KANG SEUNGYOON [THE PREQUEL] – CHAPTER’ series.

On Chapter 1, he stated, “Many people wondered, ‘Seungyoon in YG? Does that make sense?’. All the agencies that wanted to sign me after ‘Superstar K2’ told me they can make me succeed right away, but I didn’t want to. I thought it’s important to release music after I’m ready. That’s why I became a trainee of YG”.

He continued, “There were times I’ve regrated when I was learning and practicing genres and dances, I was unfamiliar with at the time. However, I don’t regret at all anymore. Because of those times, I am who I am today”.

On Chapter 2, he also added, “I was supposed to work on my solo album while shooting ‘WIN’, but I couldn’t. I enjoyed the time practicing with our members, and had to focus even more after I became the leader. If I go back in time, I will probably do the same and give up on my solo album”. He revealed his affection towards his team by continuing, “We’ve grown more through the short competition than we’ve grown through years of practice. We were eventually acknowledged for our group song, and I never regret. The moment we became WINNER is the best scene of my entire life”.

On Chapter 3, Seungyoon thought about the time he made debut as WINNER and looked back into the feelings he’s felt back then. He stated, “I did not waste a single day. All those moments feel like yesterday” and added, “Looking back, it was full of graceful events”.

He also shared that he regrets not enjoying happiness to its fullest and revealed, “Since we debuted at no. 1 and won awards, we took it for granted. I felt, ‘Why do I feel insecure even though we’re at no. 1?”, I wanted to be the ‘best of the best’ before my idol career ends”.

Seungyoon became emotional as he shared his honest feelings on WINNER and Inner Circle(fandom), as well as thinking of the time the team faced their hiatus. He promised, “We will continue to go forward. I would like to protect our fans, who are like family to us”.

The close bond between himself and the WINNER members and the fans have rooted into his heart instead of his insecure worries. Seungyoon smiled softly as he stated, “I’m always WINNER. I’ve been WINNER throughout my youth” and added, “I’m always grateful to Inner Circle, who have loved us with passion”.

On Chapter 4, Seungyoon recalled the activities and burden he (and Mino) felt after 2 of his WINNER members enlisted in the military. In 2020, he was able to go on MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’ and reigned from March to May earning him the first idol to grab 6 consecutive crowns. On the latter part of 2020, he was able to show a different side of him as an actor through MBC drama ‘Kairos’.

Seungyoon will make comeback as a solo artist this month. It will be his solo comeback in nearly 8 years, and will be his first-ever official solo album.

There are high expectations on his solo comeback since he’s the one who’s created hits such as ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘ISLAND’, and ‘MILLIONS’, and since he was the youngest member to become king on MBC ‘King of Masked Singer’.

It is said that Seungyoon is personally putting in his efforts on not only the writing, composing, and producing of all tracks, but also the MV since it will be his first-ever official solo album. The people are paying keen attention to the musical world Seungyoon will present not as a member of WINNER, but as a solo artist.

Source: YG-Life

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