[ENGSUB] Seungyoon appears as Song Changsik’s guest on Video Star Ep 229, 2020

Kang Seungyoon, along with Ali guested on MBC’s talk show, Video Star, Ep 229 as junior singers who Song Changsik really likes on it’s year-end C’est si bon special episode, broadcast on December 29, 2020.

The C’est si bon special was a homage to the real-life legendary lounge with live music in 1970’s Seoul which gave birth to the folk legends of the era like Song Changsik, Jo Youngnam and and Kim Sehwang. Hum Chunho accompanied them as the legendary guitarist, with Ali & Seungyoon appearing in the second half of the show as Song Changsik’s guests. Song Changsik and Seungyoon met via War of Villains and went on to perform together at Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook too, with Seungyoon even teaching Changsik sunbaenim to rap !

Dressed in a retro cowboy look, Seungyoon introduced himself with a beautiful cover of Song Changsik’s Whale Hunting, impressing the hosts and the seniors singers ! The show went onto having a quiz to guess the meaning of metaphors used in the songs of the senior singers – with our maknae boy taking part very enthusiastically! He goes on to then express his interest in singing a duet with Song Changsik, who sportily agreed ! We now have yet another amazing duet cover from Seungyoon x Song Changsik “Why Call“, complete with comic expressions. The episode ends with the whole group singing Auld Lang Syne, reminiscening the good, ole days.

The English subs are here! Enjoy! Lots of love & thanks to @translate_DCKSY, @softboimino, KSYVN & WLSY Team for the subs 🙂

[ENGSUB] VideoStar EP229 – Yoon cut

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Seungyoon even uploaded the full length cover of his Whale Hunting cover from practice on his Instagram ! A must watch & a treat for the ears! Of course, our favourite PD-nim dalzaka had so much to say about it too!

dalzaka: From Changsik hyung to Chunho hyung and now even Youngnam hyung and Sehwan hyung .. our Seungyoonie who is being doted on. because there is music all the seniors will fall in love with Kang Seungyoon. #goodjobgoodjob and Mr Song Changsik and Mr Ham Chunho and Seungyoonie who I miss, I should do music content with them again.
trans by 4winr;

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