Yoon x Mino WINNER 2021 Online Fan Meet

February 27, 2021 5 – 7 PM KST was so very special !! An online fan meet with WINNER led by Seungyoon and Mino brought to us by Bbangya TV, meaning even the global fans got to join from the comfort of home! What a funnn happy & very eventful fan meet it was!

The fanmeet began with gorgeous solo performances by the two, with Seungyoon blowing us away with a new version of his debut song ‘It Rains‘. Then started the talk & game segment of the fan meet ! Winner’s current favourite pasttime is to play Pingpong with Seungyoon’s sole goal to beat Mino, which apparently he succeeded in the day before the fanmeet! Perhaps all the practice & gym work is paying off ! Hehe!

Starting with Mino & Yoon drawing each other’s caricature & filling out each other’s favourite cities, happy things, etc. Turns our Seungyoonie likes to bark like an excitable pup when happy which he learnt while communicating with our beloved Thor ! He also loves to fetch ball & carries his frisbee when travelling internationally to play fetch by himself! Haha! Seems like Seungyoon’s transformation into a lil pup isn’t limited to his floofy hair! โค While Mino sing’s Moon of Seoul when happy (are any of us surprised at this reveal?! Hehe)

Moving to the games full of laughter were guessing the phrase from initials, guess the abbreviations and flipping the water bottles! Mino beat Seungyoon by like 6 bottles but overall Seungyoon won with the guessing games. As penalty we had Mino doing squats with lil floofy Yoon piggyback. There was also the getting-rid-of-stickies hilarious game!

Now for the most eventful moment of the fan meet – a visit from the Gods of Variety themselves… Time for Seungyoon to piggyback Mino & do squats… Doesn’t Mino so happy & content on Yoon’s back?! Alas the contentment could only a few seconds as a boom went off & the MC ran centre stage to hide Seungyoon while laughing uncontrollably! Seungyoon’s tight pants had ripped!! He took it with such a fun spirit hiding behind a table, and even becoming one with it as Mino & the MC teased him. He moved with the table & even dropped down with it! The cutie! Eventually he scuttled down the stage using a tiny hand towel for dignity as the camera followed him into the shadows to change! Hehe

The show wrapped up with Mino & Yoon answering some fan worries and two beautiful solo performances! Seungyoon really let loose his twirls, his baramAa wOoooOooh & his jumps as he sang his heart out with ‘WIND

Such a fun eventful meet indeed! The Video will be up on demand on Bbangya TV soon! So keep an eye out.

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