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Seungyoon to release his first full length SOLO album in March this year!

Our favouritest artist, Kang Seungyoon will be releasing his first full-length SOLO album with all songs written, composed and produced by him in March this year !!!!! We sure can’t contain our excitement!! WoooHooo ! Here’s the official statement for your perusal. (Source)


[엑스포츠뉴스=최희재 기자] YOON of WINNER will release his full-length solo album in 8 years.

On January 27, YG Entertainment announced, “YOON’s first full-length solo album will be released on March” and added, “He has finished recording all songs, and will begin the title track MV shooting in the middle of next month”.

YOON will be making his solo comeback in 8 years, since 2013. He debuted at the K-Pop scene back in July 2013 with his song ‘It Rains’, proving his popularity by dominating the 9 major Korean music charts. He then released ‘Wild and Young’ and ‘Stealer’ which also dominated music charts, receiving attention as a talented rookie artist.

After making official debut as WINNER next year, YOON focused on group activities rather than his solo activities. His leadership and consideration for the team were the reasons why he was not active as a solo artist for the past 8 years.

In fact, YOON has focused on working on songs for the group after making debut as a member of WINNER.

WINNER’s representative mega-hits including ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘ISLAND’, ‘EVERYDAY’, ‘MILLIONS’, and ‘AH YEAH’ were created by YOON himself.

After members HOONY and JINU began serving their military duties last year, leading to a halt in WINNER’s activities, YOON began working on his solo album. While dominating ‘The King of Masked Singer’ in the first half of the year and being active as an actor through the drama ‘Kairos’ during the second half of the year, he did not stop working on his solo album.

YOON not only wrote, composed, and produced all songs for his first-ever solo album being presented in 8 years, but is also taking care of his MV himself. He has also showed his fan-love by revealing how his work is progressing through social media, for the fans who are waiting for his songs.

Last month on the 20th, a silhouette image of YOON along with captions ‘SEE YOON SOON’ was posted on WINNER’s official social media account, notifying that his comeback is imminent, which made the global fans cheer.

YOON has been receiving love from the public through WINNER’s sophisticated musicality and broad spectrum, surpassing the boundary of their fandom. The people are looking forward to the new music YOON will bring, as he will return as a solo artist, rather than as a member of WINNER.

2021. 1. 27.

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