WLSY Merch Fundraiser

WELOVESEUNGYOON team brings to you lovely Yoon-themed merchandise with all the things we associate with Seungyoon in one place – Thor, Joo Yoonbal, his guitar, photography! All proceeds from the fundraiser will be used towards support projects for Seungyoon ! So don’t be shy to order! The pre-order period end on January 3rd, Sunday, 2021.

WLSY Night Lamp

Sleep in the comfort of the softly glowing night lamp representing all your favourite things about your favourite artist ! ❤️

Acrylic Lamp: USD 16


Carry your love for Seungyoon with you everyday! A stylish clear bag with a pouch patterned with Seungyoon things – his logo, guitar, Thor’s pawprints, & more! ❤️ 

The Khaki pouch is the main design, but you can always order the Full Set with the additional black pouch design ! A KSY smiley enamel pin & Geonwook sticker set as freebies with the bag purchase from us 🙂

PVC Bag (Khaki design A): USD 18

FULL SET (Khaki design A + additional black pouch design B): USD 25

You can order the KSY Smiley Enamel pin standalone at USD 5.

Kairos’s Im Geonwook sticker set as freebies with all orders from us with love !!

Place your orders now !! Please contact the GO-managers for Country-wise Group Orders are available for following countries so far:

For all individual orders, please see details on the Google Form.

** All merchandise will be shipped from Indonesia & shipping will be done via EMS (check shipping estimate HERE). The products with packaging weigh approx: Lamp ~0.5KG and the Bag set ~1KG

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