Yoon & Kim Taewon turn K-Pop Lyrics Helpers on new EBS show, 2020

WINNER’s maknae-leader cum composer-lyricist, Kang Seungyoon and legendary guitarist, composer, writer and leader of Boohwal, Kim Taewon, team up to host the new EBS web music-variety show <K-Pop Lyrics Helper>. The show discusses the hidden meaning behind K-Pop songs and the literary works associated with them. The chemistry brought about by these two outstanding musicians from different generations is rather interesting & cute!

(Admin fangirling note: Another entry to Yoon’s list of iconic musicians connection adding to Song Changsik, Yoon Dohyun, Lee Joo Ho and more! Kim Taewon of Boohwal is the original singer of Lonely Night, his last performance as King Joo Yoon Bal on King of Masked Singer!)

K-Pop Lyrics Assistant Season -1 broadcast from August 19 to October 7, 2020 with 8 episodes via EBS’s web content channel, MOMOE. Find the episodes with ENG subtitles on MOMOE Youtube Channel.

K-POP Lyrics Helper Playlist with Eng Sub

The good news?! The show has been renewed for Season-2 with Kim Taewon & Seungyoon MC’ing again! Subscribe to MOMOE’s YouTube channel and follow MOMOE’s official Instagram account for the latest episodes with ENG SUBS (!) and updates about the show!

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Season 2

S2 Episode 4: Hwasa’s Maria
S2 Episode 3: Taemin’s Criminal
S2 Episode 2: Sunmi’s Gashina
S2 Episode 1: Day6’s Zombie
Season 2 Preview

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Season 1

S1 Episode 8: (G)I-DLE’s HANN
S1 Episode 7: VIXX’s Fantasy
S1 Episode 6: ZICO’s Pride and Prejudice
S1 Episode 5: WINNER’s Ah Yeah
S1 Behind the Scenes – 1 M Goal
S1 Episode 4: GOT7’s Not by the Moon
S1 Episode 3: EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry

Episode 3’s song was EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry, which was based off the fairytale – Little Mermaid. It’s lovely poetic song conjuring up the image of dissipating into sea foam for your loved one, which leads them to talk about the profound depth in fairy tales with the Little Mermaid touching upon concepts like an immortal soul.

Everybody’s going through a tough life these days but I’d like to wipe away the tears of everybody in pain & difficulty. And it’d be great if I could do that through my music. I’ve always wanted to sing songs that could cheer up people going through difficult times. It was also the goal of WINNER.”

Kang Seungyoon

Yoon & Taewon also celebrated the show & wished for 1M views and a 200 episode long run! Let’s get them these goals guys ~ stream at:

S1 Episode 2: IU’s Good Day

Episode 2 reveals more of Seungyoon’s and Kim Taewon’s chemistry as they find parallels of them both being leaders of their bands and Taewon finds out which Kang family he is from and that Seungyoon can now call him ‘Hyung’! Haha! It is a sweet moment when Kim Taewon realizes Seungyoon is from WINNER, the same group as Jinu, who he had traveled with to many destination on the show Wizards of Nowhere and he says, “Ah, so you are family.” ❤

Today’s episode delves into IU‘s Good Day and they realise that although the song sounds peppy, the lyrics are actually sad. The song is influenced from a 1924 novel ‘A Lucky Day,’ about a poor rickshawman who has a very lucky day at work, but comes home to find his wife has passed away on the very same day. Kim Taewon shares some lovely insights into his writing process and his inspirations, as Seungyoon is deeply touched. A sweet and funny short episode with words of wisdom sprinkled!

S1 Episode 1: BTS’s Spring Day

The pilot episode starts with the first meeting between Seungyoon and Kim Taewon, where Seungyoon who was born nearly a decade after Boohwal debuted, cutely introduces himself to Kim Taewon and how he sang Boohwal’s song on KOMS!

After introducing the show’s concept, they are asked to guess the K-Pop song from the lyrics, which Seungyoon immediately knows to be BTS’s 2017 hit song, ‘Spring Day‘. They discuss song lyrics and their meaning, drawing note to it’s influence from both the book ‘Omelas’ and the movie ‘Snowpiercer’. It’s a lovely discussion about walking towards hope and wishes and Kim Taewon also offers a wonderful philosophical take on it.

Personally, talking about lyrics and the music video has filled me with gratitude. It’s as if somebody’s cheering on for my spring day to come

Kang Seungyoon, K-Pop Lyrics Helper, Ep-1 about BTS Spring Day

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