Support Youth at care-facilities become independent with Kang Seungyoon

Support the Youth striving towards independence!

Hello, I’m Kang Seungyoon. I‘ve joined this funding project for teens working hard towards their dreams. I hope the youth who are making their own way in the world, do not feel alone and know that many people are supporting and cheering for them together.

When I was in high school, I aspired to do many things and had many dreams. There were times it was difficult when I was faced with worries about the future and problems in the present, but looking back, these worries and experiences helped me grow. I’ve joined the project with the hope that the hard effort put in by the youth, become a stepping stone towards realizing their dreams. 

Vocational education in Design to reflect and think about their careers

SOYF is the design company which supports youth at care facilities to become self-reliant, by providing opportunities for them to realise their dreams through vocational education in design. SOYF students (youth at care facilities) observe and look around themselves, drawing mind-maps and self-portraits through the design project ‘Brand Myself’.

The socks and the zip-up hoodies designed by the youth

This time, SOYF students unit 2 & 3 made characters with the animals they like or resemble. They drew dozens of sketches to make their characters after observing animals closely with many references. As a result, they could develop their own animal characters after a lot of thinking and hard-work. These characters are combined with Korean traditional art to become the design on the socks and hoodies. Through the design course, they studied Korean traditional art and put self-invented characters to re-interpret the art and make the products.

As they are able to see the fruit of their hard work through the products, they are continuously self-motivated and feel fulfilled. These precious experiences keep accumulating to become the groundwork for the youth to have strength to be self-reliant and independent in a healthy way. 

The profits will be used for the Youth who are preparing for independence. 

  1. The 5% of the funding amount will be saved for the youth of care facilities who designed the products.
  2. The 20% of the funding amount will be donated to the Seoul Children Welfare Association, which has 58 youth-care facilities as the members and supports the children & teens in care facilities and also who have to get out of the facilities soon. 
  3. The rest will be used to support the independence of the youth who have to leave the facilities, via SOYF community. Please support them together!

*Youth between 18~25 have to leave the facilities and live on their own

Find our more and buy the products & help support the youth via Happy Bean. Three rounds are open until: Nov 24th, Dec 1st and Dec 14th 2020:

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