Seungyoon sings unmasked on Brrrr Friends with Mino & PO, 2020

Kang Seungyoon was the guest for Episode 27 of Naver Now Brrrr Friends , a radio show hosted by Mino and Block B’s PO on September 16, 2020. Right after introducing Seungyoon’s many many many maaaany accolades from being the instinctively Superstar to being able to trend Nasi Goreng at #1 just by mentioning he was having it for lunch, he was asked to sing his favourite KOMS performance, Blue Whale… and wow! He blew us away yet again, this time an unmasked king!

A super enjoyable episode with fun banter between friends – about Kairos, being the master of WINNER’s best fansite y8n_l8ks_at, guessing titles of news headlines about them, Mino & Seungyoon’s favourite things about each other and one thing they could improve (Mino’s late habit & Seungyoon’s humour! LOL) and their complicated Business Best Friends for Forever relation! Hehe

We also got so many song performances from him since he wasnt allowed to go back home till he scored atleast 99/100 points on the Karoake machine & when has our King ever shied away from a singing challenge?! Covers included Lee Juck’s Lie Lie Lie, Goblin’s OST Beautiful, PSY’s Entertainer and more! Even the Naver Now staff were so enamored that they named him the 21st Century Kangzzart who can even sing with his feet!

translation by @4winnr

Enjoy the show with Eng subs now !!

Alt Link: MEGA

Translators: @_suzino, @4winnr, @highendcircle, @translate_DCKSY
Editor: @softboimino
Subbers: @kangseungy8nvn (KSY Vietnam) & WLSY Team

One reply on “Seungyoon sings unmasked on Brrrr Friends with Mino & PO, 2020”

I’m honestly mega excited for this one, I swear I check almost every 2 days XD You guys are the best for trying to sub this and if you manage to do, I hope you realize how grateful we will be ! 🙂 I know how much subbing takes, so you are life saviors !

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