The K-Pop Lyrics Helpers on Lee Seungyeol’s World Music Tour, Sept 2020

Cutely touted the next big thing to come out of EBS after Pengsoo (the popular penguin mascot), the K-Pop Lyrics Helpers, Kang Seungyoon and Boohwal’s Kim Taewon were invited to guest on the radio show EBS FM Lee Seungyeol’s World Music Tour on September 21, 2020.

They talk about K-Pop Lyrics Helper concept and the fascinating chemistry they share – although there is a large age gap between them (Kim Taewon’s band Boohwal debuted before Seungyoon was born!), Taewon says Seungyoon is his “Soul Friend.” How they can talk one without a pause while recording and the respect and admiration they have for each other’s work.

When asked if they would like to collaborate together on music in future, Seungyoon is excited about helping with vocals ! Taewon teases him first about him suffering if he joins Boohwal before adding that it would lovely to have him join them. He thinks that the result of combining Yoon’s energetic innocent colors with the usually dark colors of Boohwal would be very interesting!

Seungyoon also shares that he would like to introduce K-Hiphop lyrics on their show and that it would be nice to slow down the fast rap & actually understand the lyrics. All in all a nice comfortable hour on radio with them 🙂

The radio guesting is not subbed but we have great live tweet English translations by lovely ICs below !

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