Fan Support by Team YOONited for KSY Solo!

Our favourite musician, Kang Seungyoon‘s solo comeback is in the works ! It’s time for all of us to unite and prep to support the comeback and make it a smashing success ! To this end fanbases across the globe have come together as Team YOONited with various projects:

Albums sales: This event in partnership with KTown4U is to help boost his album sales & we get free ads promo via KTown4U once we hit sales targets!

Fundraising for streaming/ advertisements/ etc – Collected country-wise. You can either donate directly or support by buying lovely merch, whose proceeds will go to support Seungyoon’s solo.

Read on below on how you can contribute to all these projects !

Note : Official dates for Kang Seungyoon album have not been announced yet. This is just a way for us to start prepping to make YOLO a smashing success!

Album Sales | Intl KTown4U | Korean KTown4U | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

Album Sales

Team YOONited brings to you this fan support event to boost his album sales, in partnership with KTown4U. Rest assured all albums from this event will be counted towards Hanteo & Gaon charts.

While we wait for official album details to be released, you can donate at the event link and all donations will be used to buy albums. Once album details are known, you can buy albums at a discounted price & KTown4U will put up ads for the album once we reach the sales goals. Here are the links:

Note : Fans from South Korea have a different event page. Kindly use the Korean link to avoid confusion.

[📢] We have hit our initial goal of $1000 for album donations! 🎉🎊
Let’s continue to support YOLO with the new album donations goal of $3000 !!

Donations Goal: $3,000

• Albums will be bought with the money raised from the donations. These albums will be donated within Korea to schools, youth centres or red cross. (No shipping of albums back to you)

• Fans who donated at least US$50 will be given free photocard and/or postcard of the new album with no shipping charges. Keep in mind that this is on a per account or user ID basis.

Sales Goals: 1K / 10K Albums

• If album sales from using the links we provide reaches 1,000 albums, Ktown4u will put up free ads for Yoon on their online and offline stores, and if 10,000 album sales are reached, ads will be put up on subway stations and streets.

• Albums purchased through the discount link will be shipped individually by Ktown4u just like ordering from the normal page. All sales from the discount link will be reflected on Gaon and Hanteo charts.

Album Sales | Intl KTown4U | Korean KTown4U | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

Fundraising Projects

You can directly donate to these country-wise fan bases or support by buying the lovely merchandise designed by them. All proceeds from merch sales will be used to support KSY’s SOLO ! For fans from countries without a dedicated fanbase, we would highly recommend donating directly to DCKSY Gallery efforts. They are the primary South Korean Kang Seungyoon fanbase.

Please dm the country fan bases for further details on how you can contribute. Chinese fans can directly approach @KSY_Bar and Arab fans can approach @ArabKsy. There is also a separate GIC effort for fundraising for YouTube streaming. Thanks!

South Korea | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam | Indonesia | Malaysia | YouTube

DCKSY Gallery, S.Korea

Donate money towards PR, streaming (all platforms) or album sales for YOLO via their Paypal account:
(mention in Paypal transaction comments towards which of the 3 initiatives you want the funds to be used)


Super stylish Sling Bag with a KSY smiley enamel pin to go with + a lovely acrylic lamp!

Order closed

Kang Seungyoon, Vietnam

DM them for details on donations.
Lovely KSY earrings, bracelets, keychains & sticker sets for you to enjoy! Worldwide shipping

My Seungyoon, Malayasia

Donation form & details of transfer: Link

Y8N enamel keychains are ready for you to order! Click link below for more details:

Always KSY, Philippines

Donation details & form: Link

Please make sure to DM them before sending donations. Also, follow this thread to find out more about their upcoming initiatives.

Seungyoon Indonesia

Donations form & details: Link

They have some absolutely love merch – face masks, tumblers, pics & more ! Follow the twitter thread for their next batch of merch!

Kang 아지, Thailand

Donation + Merch details form: Link

They have Griptoks, Hologram stickers & keychains for fun KSY merch! Check out their thread for more details.


This combined GIC fundraising effort is exclusively to increase YouTube views for the MV via either ads or internet cafe rentals.

Album Sales | Intl KTown4U | Korean KTown4U | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

Team YOONited

Team YOONited is made up of Seungyoon and WINNER fan bases across the globe:

– We Love Seungyoon (@WeloveSeungyoon)
– DC KSY, South Korea (@DCKSYgallery)
– Baidu KSY Bar, China (@KSY_Bar)
– Kang 아지, Thailand (@kang_a_jii)
– Kang Seung Yoon Vietnam (@kangseungy8nVN)
– Always KSY Philippines(@AlwaysKSY_PH)
– Seungyoon Indonesia (@ksyforINA)
– My Seungyoon, Malayasia (@myseungyoon)
– Arab KSY (@ArabKsy)
– Seungyoon Brasil (@ksyoonbrasil)

– Wild Boys 민윤 (@WildBoysMinYoon)
– INSEONESIA (@rempongcircle)
– TeamWINNER Brasil (@TeamWINNERBR1)
– Innercircle Canada (@CInnercircle)
– WINNER India (@india_winner)
– Innercircle Hashtag Team (@ICHashtagTeam)
– WINNER YouTube (@WinnerYouTubeT1)
– Yoon Voting & Streaming (@Seungyoonteam)

Album Sales | Intl KTown4U | Korean KTown4U | Fundraising | TeamYOONited

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