Yoon shares updates on upcoming PLAC Collection, TREASURE, Kairos & new EBS show

200805 SNS Update

Seungyoon and Mino’s 2nd collaboration collection with PLAC, BE NICE [⠀ ⠀ ] will be available on August 20th.

Check out the posts below regarding the current and past collection.

200807 SNS Updates

Let’s just all do our best 💪🏼

200811 SNS Updates

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#임건욱 #카이로스

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#ImGunwook #Kairos

Have strength! I’ll cheer up too💪🏻

200812 SNS Updates

The first episode will be revealed on Tuesday, 19th of August! Please search for #kpop도사우미 on YouYube!! @momoe.official

Translation by: @4winnr

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