[EngSub] Seungyoon’s cameo on ‘Entertain US’, 2014

Seungyoon made a cameo appearance as himself in Ep-1 of Yoon Jongshin’s Idol show , The Entertainers, a.k.a. Entertain Us, which aired on MNET on July 31, 2014. It is satirical quasi-reality show or mocumentary-styled show where real people play themselves in fictional situations.

The show is about Yoon Jongshin’s ambition to raise an existing idol group to the top and primarily stars him and the boy band Teen Top. When the Teen Top manager questions Jongshin’s ability to help Teen Top, this is how Jongshin convinces him:

Yoon Jongshin: “You know Seungyoon, right? He’s dying to join my company”

The Entertainers

Hahaha ! The English subs are out now – watch our cutie poodle haired Yoon have fun playing the mini-celebrity!

Alt Link: Dailymotion | Mega

Translating & Subbing credit to: Kang Seung Yoon, Vietnam

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