Seniors Seungyoon & Mino help & advice their debuting juniors: TREASURE

On August 7th, ahead of their debut, YGE’s newest boy group, TREASURE, held a press conference to introduce themselves to the media body.

When the boys were asked if there was a particular senior who helped out the most, Asahi chose WINNER, but especially Kang Seungyoon. He said, “He gave us a lot of advice and a lot of great, helpful tips while we recorded.”

Apparently, Seungyoon and Mino visited the studio while TREASURE was recording their new single to help give directions on recording for the vocals and rap.

Haruto added, “The WINNER seniors gave us a lot of advice when we went to record. Song Minho and Kang Seungyoon sunbaenims gave us a lot of great tips!”

“They spoke to us a lot about all the ways we could take our recording into unexpected directions… They also helped direct and overlook the execution of each member’s part so we could really bring our song to life and to any members who were struggling in the process, they offered direction to each one so that we could come up with a better final product.”, Jihoon said.

Yoshi also mentioned that, “Song Minho sunbaenim told me to relax and loosen up a bit when I rap….The seniors told me that I’m tend to get tense when I rap because I want to do so well. So they advised me to relax and to approach it comfortably, in my own way and in my own style.”

Source: digitalchosun | kukinews |
Translation: @softboimino

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