[EngSub] Kang Seungyoon on Beatles Code, 2010

Kang Seungyoon guested on the talk show Beatles Code, along with the Top 11 contestants of the audition program Superstar K2. The show is hosted by Yoon Jongshin and Seyoon, and aired on October 28, 2010.

A precursor to the current Radio Star, Beatles Code teases the guests about their ‘scandals’ and hot discussion topics during Superstar K2, while also giving the guests an opportunity to explain themselves.

Cute show with adorable fetus Yoon being only 16 year old but still so full of confidence & completely unfazed by the ribbing! He explains his look-alikes Lee Junki & So Jisub, ‘rings’ scandal, age appropriate ‘noona’ philosophy, and more! Now with English subs brought to you by yours truly, WLSYsubs Team!

ENG SUB Yoon Cut

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WLSYsubs Team:
Raw video cut:@1004SYNA
Translators: @Ace_MBSubs, @translate_DCKSY
Subbers: Jaybee, Len, Runi

Raw Yoon Cut

Note: The video is a compilation of KSY cuts only. Its not the whole episode.

Credits: @1004SYNA

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