Seungyoon invited back as a panelist on King of Masked Singer, 2020

Seungyoon who won the King of the Masked Singer crown 6-times as Joo Yoon Bal, making him one of the longest reigning kings of the show, was invited back on the show as a celebrity panelist for Episodes 261-262 which were broadcast on June 28 & July 5, 2020.

With enthusiastic reactions and sharp reasoning, Seungyoon easily bantered with Kim Gura’s deductions, easily identifying some of the idol masked singers including Stray Kids’ Changbin. Turned out Chagbin, the rapper of the group is a fan of Yoon & wished to collaborate with him on a emotional hip-hop ballad with him someday, to which Seungyoon heartily agreed.

“I watched you on audition programs when I was a trainee and I got a lot of inspiration from you. I would like to work on an emotional hip hop track with you someday.”

Stray Kids’ Changbin to Seungyoon

Seungyoon also danced to a medley of WINNER’s songs alongside the female masked singer “Dalgona”, who is also a fan of WINNER. Dalgona unmasked to reveal herself as Kim Chaewon, APRIL’s main vocalist. Watch them in perfect sync dancing cutely to the medley of “Dont Flirt‘ , ‘Really Really’, ‘Millions’.

Check out the raw cuts of Yoon below. Credits to @y8n____ on Twitter.

The episodes can be found on any of the usual streaming sites like:
Ep-261 | Ep-262

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