[SNS] Seungyoon Uploads Cover Video of ‘WAYO’ in Support To BANG YEDAM

While BANG YE DAM of YG’s rookie group TREASURE is receiving attention with his solo single ‘WAYO’, senior artists of YG are showing trustworthy support.

On June 5th at 6 PM, BANG YE DAM released his first-ever solo track ‘WAYO’ through multiple music platforms.

Senior artists of YG have also supported the song. YOON of WINNER, the writer and composer of ‘WAYO’, praised BANG YE DAM by writing, “We know YE DAM is good, but it’s a song that makes his matured vocals even more beautiful with his hard work and sweat! Please show a lot of support”.

He also uploaded a cover video of ‘WAYO’ along with the caption, “Fighting YE DAM. Fighting TREASURE”. The video showed YOON playing guitar while singing ‘WAYO’ in a room. YOON’s soulful vocals and the beautiful melody of ‘WAYO’ grabbed the listeners’ attention.

Source: YG-Life | YOON’s SNS

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