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[NEWS] When BANG YE DAM, the ‘Genius Vocalist’, Meets YOON & LEE CHAN HYUK, the ‘No. 1 Songwriters’ of ‘WAYO’

It’s a collaboration between the genius vocalist and the no. 1 songwriters. With his official debut coming ahead as group TREASURE, BANG YE DAM released his first-ever solo song with the support of YOON, the leader of group WINNER, and LEE CHAN HYUK of AKMU.

BANG YE DAM released his digital single ‘WAYO’ on June 5th at 6 PM through music platforms. He also revealed the music video for the song as well.

‘WAYO’ is a solo track by BANG YE DAM which was released prior to his debut as group TREASURE upcoming in July, as well as his first-ever solo track being presented in 8 years since he let himself known through SBS’ survival program ‘K-Pop Star 2’. He won second place at ‘K-Pop Star 2’ back in 2012, as a 11-year old kid. He earned the nicknames ‘music prodigy’ and ‘genius vocalist’ with his top-notch singing and dance skills at the time.

It’s a song which the listeners can check out BANG YE DAM’s growth as a vocalist. ‘WAYO’ is composed mainly of an electric guitar loop. The Irish whistle and bass sounds elate the mood of the song, while the majestic string sounds beginning at the bridge raise the listeners’ emotions to the climax. The minimal arrangement of the song also allows the listeners to focus on BANG YE DAM’s unique and mellow vocals.

The song was composed and written by YOON, who is known for creating representative no. 1 hits by WINNER including ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, ‘MILLIONS’, and ‘AH YEAH’. YG Entertainment’s producers including FUTURE BOUNCE and Andrew Choi also participated in the composing of the track to raise its level of completion.

LEE CHAN HYUK, who established himself as a chart influencer by producing no. 1 hits including ‘Give Love’, ‘200%’, ‘LAST GOODBYE’, ‘Time and Fallen Leaves’, and ‘How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love’ has also supported the song. He participated as a lyricist of the track, showing his friendship with BANG YE DAM he has built from back when he participated in the same survival program ‘K-Pop Star 2’ and won first place.

The most impressive part is BANG YE DAM’s growth as a vocalist. In a desperate voice, BANG YE DAM sings, ‘I want to ask the sky yeah/What did you mean by loving me/You’re the only thing I don’t have in my world/I feel like I lost it all/To me/Why why why/Why can’t I be without you/Why why why/Just tell me why can’t I be/Why can’t we be’, expressing the narrator’s sadness and loneliness of not being able to accept his breakup situation realistically.

Regarding the new song, BANG YE DAM explained, “The sad melody and lyrics touched me as soon as I heard the demo. I focused on the lyrics rather than trying to sing well from start to end, and also put emphasis on making my emotions stand out”. He also introduced, “Please pay attention to the loneliness of the guitar beginning on the intro, catchy chorus, and my vocals. I’ll show you my better side as I’ve prepared this song for quite a long time”.

With the release of BANG YE DAM’s solo track, expectations on TREASURE’s full-member debut is also rising. TREASURE, the next generation boy group of YG Entertainment being launched in 5 years following BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, will make official debut in upcoming July. They will release new songs in 3~4 turns until the end of the year.

Source: YG-Life

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