[NEWS] PD of ‘King of Mask Singer’, “I Was Surprised Even Knowing that YOON=Chow Yun-fat”

The producer of ‘King of Mask Singer’ revealed his thoughts on YOON of WINNER, who recently took off his crown as king ‘Chow Yun-fat’.

On MBC’s variety show ‘King of Mask Singer’ broadcasted on the 24th, king ‘Chow Yun-fat’ resigned his crown for the new king, ‘Shield’, and revealed his identity. He was YOON, the leader of WINNER. The attention towards ‘Chow Yun-fat’ is heated with the title, ‘The first-ever idol king to win 6 consecutive rounds’. So we asked the producer of ‘King of Mask Singer’ for his opinions.

During the phone call with OSEN on the 25th, producer Kim Moonki revealed, “King ‘Chow Yun-fat’ became a hot issue. People were interested since he won 6 consecutive rounds in quite a while, and I appreciate the viewers for their interest and support”.

He emphasized, “I was surprised even after knowing. I thought YOON was amazing when he performed ‘Instinctively’ on ‘Superstar K2’. It was the first time I saw him sing alone and it was amazing to find his new aspects. He has a powerful voice and even knows how to move people’s hearts when singing. Watching him challenge on new songs even after becoming the king made me thank him and think that he’s a wonderful artist”.

Producer Kim Moonki laughed after stating, “There were people who suspected him as YOON from the early stages. I wasn’t flustered but thought the users online are incredible”. He added, “YOON told me that he feels proud and relieved after ending ‘King of Mask Singer’”.

In the end, Kim Moonki emphasized, “’Chow Yun-fat’ was a strong king which came out in a while. People were curious on how far YOON will go as Chow Yun-fat after presenting various performances. He chose a hard song, ‘Lonely Night’, for his final performance which Shield won by a close call. Shield also has capabilities to perform songs in various genres, so I ask the people who supported Chow Yun-fat to take a close look and look forward to the genres he will pull off”.

Source: YG-Life

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