Seungyoon turns customer on Door-to-Door Salesman, 2020

Door-to-Door Salesman is a JTBC Studio Lululala youtube show, where celebrities go around selling various products. WINNER’s Seunghoon was a regular cast on the show till his military enlistment. SECHKIES’s Suwon and VIINI decide to sell to Seungyoon during Episode-6, broadcast on May 5, 2020.

They were selling colorful razors and thought of Yoon while humming his song ‘It Rains’. Seungyoon happened to be on his way to acting classes (Kairos alert!) when they called him & Suwon wittily recommends that Yoon learn from him! LOL (Meta: Suwon is famous for his Robotic Acting). Eventually they do meet him at the end of the day and Seungyoon gets super enthusiastic helping them and turns part-salesman too!

English subs are available on the YouTube video:

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