Photoshoots (Magazines)

[MAG] YOON of WINNER, “What Drives Me to Grow? I Wanted to Prove Myself to the Prejudiced”

The June edition pictorial of Elle, containing YOON’s cool charms, has been revealed.

In the pictorial, YOON pulled off clothing with simple designs such as a jacket and jeans with his own vibes, filling the photos with natural movements and facial expressions.

On the interview held along with the pictorial shooting, he shared his sincere stories on his hard work and growth. On the question asking what drives him to improve as he is known as a ‘hardworking person’, YOON answered, “Since YOON had a strong image of a boy playing rock music with a guitar, people were prejudiced that he can’t pull off other genres. I wanted to prove myself to them. Even if I may not be perfect, I thought I should work hard and evolve so that at least people won’t say I can’t do it”.

On the question asking his aspiration for the next 10 years, YOON showed his determination by stating, “I hope to open WINNER’s second chapter successfully. We focused on showing the synergy effect of four members on the first chapter. From now on, I would like to emphasize each member’s character to promote individual members as brands. In the next 10 years, I will be more ambitious not only as WINNER, but also as YOON”.

Source: YG-Life

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