[NEWS] YOON of WINNER Casted for ‘Kairos’, Comeback as an Actor in 3 Years

YOON of WINNER was casted for ‘Kairos’.

According to YG Entertainment on May 20, YOON confirmed his role in ‘Kairos’, MBC’s upcoming drama series.

‘Kairos’ is a time-crossing fantasy thriller drama which covers the plot of Seojin(Shing Sungrok) after a month he’s fallen into despair due to his kidnapped daughter and Aeri(Lee Seyoung) trying to find his missing mother from a month ago, ‘crossing time’ to save the ones they love.

The two people living in the current and past collaborate to cancel the tragedies which have already happened and face new truths and incidents during the process.

YOON will play the role of Lim Gunwook, who is Aeri’s friend. Gunwook is a weak person who had no presence throughout his school years. However, Gunwook does whatever Aeri wants him to do, and plays a major role in solving cases by helping her whenever she’s in need.

YOON will not only show his chemistry with actress Lee Seyoung, but also present his new self by pulling off the unique mood of fantasy thriller genres.

YOON has been showing his broad spectrum as an entertainer in addition to his role as a member of group WINNER. He was loved by many people with his sturdy acting skills shown through MBC ‘High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged’, web-drama ‘Love For a Thousand More’, and tvN ‘Prison Playbook’.

In addition to his music career, YOON has also established his acting career step by step and is currently focusing on studying his character to meet the expectations by the viewers and the production team.

YOON stated, “’Kairos’ fascinated me as soon as I read the scenario”. He continued, “I’m excited to meet everyone as an actor in a long time”. He also added, “I lack in many parts, but I will do my best not to hold my fellow actors back. Please show support with a warm heart”.

‘Kairos’ will begin broadcasting on the end of the year.

Source: YG-Life

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