‪Seungyoon on Naver Now Zion.T’s SAP‬ Radio, April 2020

Seungyoon guested on Naver Now Zion. T’s SAP radio show on April 16, 2020. Invited as an representative ‘SAP’ or someone who keeps digging (working hard) without knowing what lies beneath the ground – diamonds or just mud.

It’s a lovely radio guesting, with Zion. T really drawing Yoon out with insightful questions about his upcoming Solo album and how he may have has changed (or remained constant) over the years by asking him questions he has answered in interviews of past.

Now with English subtitles!

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Translated by:‬ ‪@4winnr ‬‪@softboimino ‬‪@_suzino ‬
Subbed by:‬ ‪@IamHere4Yoon ‬‪@soultrotter_ ‬‪@wineocircle__ ‬‪@jaybee238 ‪@seungyoontwirls
Raw Audio: @y8n____
Video Edited & Re-encoded by: WeLoveSeungYoon

Please do not re-upload this fansubbed video anywhere.

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