Special DJ Seungyoon on Idol Radio, March 2020

The ever popular special DJ Kang Seungyoon hosted MBC Idol Radio for two weeks from March 16 – 30, 2020. KkangDJ makes his guests feel at ease with his enthusiastic questions, curiosity about learning their dance choreography and more! Guests during this stint included Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Kang Daniel, J-Black, MOMOLAND, Victon, Stray Kids and Dongkiz. Seungyoon also covered Golden’s Hate Everything during this stint.

200316: Episode 531

Theme: Eldest-Maknae Special
Guests: ENOi, Dia and MOMOLAND

200317: Episode 532

The Big Picture
Guests: VICTON
Seungyoon adorably learns VICTON’s ‘sexy’ choreo !

200318: Episode 533

Dancing Fate Special
Guests: JBlack & MMary
Yoon really snapped on the watermelon dance learnt from JBlack!

200319: Episode 534

Guests: Dongkiz

Seungyoon is oh-so-suave dancing the Lupin stick dance. Turned out Dongkiz had fans of Seungyoon from his HighKick-3 days and they even serenaded him with his “Smile Krystal” song!

200321: Episode 536

Idol Hot Charts – voice only

200323: Episode 538

Guests: Cast of Another Oh Haeyoung The Musical

200325: Episode 540

Guest: Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong

Seungyoon and Sejong both have powerful voices with overflowing charm. Their chemistry is great & it is sweet how they both appreciate each other’s musical talent so much!

200326: Episode 541

Guests: Stray Kids
Even among young fresh idols, Seungyoon wins the aegyo prize!

200328: Episode 543

Idol Hot Chart – voice only

200330: Episode 545

Guest: Kang Daniel

Seungyoon gives us a beautiful cover of Golden’s ‘Hate Everything’ in this episode. Also watch for the Busan buddies discussing which species of puppies they both are and learning each other’s choreography.

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