Seungyoon & Seunghoon are Mino’s fashion friends on Mapo Hipsters, 2020

Broadcast on tvN on April 7 and 10th, 2020, episodes 6 – 7 of the fashion program by Na PD – Mapo Hipsters, were a “Introducing my fashionista friends” special. Instead of Mino and Block B’s P.O. battling out with their fashion, this round they had to compete with their friend’s fashion !! Once their friends arrived, they were to photograph and photoshop their friends before uploading the photos and seeing which outfit got the most votes.

Mino first called Seungyoon, who happily agreed to join because he was planning on getting his hair done at a salon anyway. Mino next called Seunghoon who teased if they would compensated with an appearance fee! Ha! Others on Team Song Coach were Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and COde Kunst, while P.O. called Zico, Park Gun II, a fahion designer friend and his hidden trump card, Lee Sugeun, who turned up in a traditional hanbok with Gucci shoes!!

A really fun episode where Seunghoon feels betrayed that Seungyoon even got makeup done professionally while he came unprepared & bare-faced! They gang-up on each other resulting in team kills galore & so much laughter! Watch as Kyuhyun hilariously becomes part of WINNER to promote their latest studio-album REMEMBER !

All the episodes of Mapo Hipster are available fully subbed on Channel Full Moon on YouTube ! Mapo Hipster is generally such a fab show — Mino was fantabulous there! Links below.

Episode 6-1

Episode 6-2

Episode 7-1

Episode 7-2

Official Photos

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