Idol 999’s first recruit shows Somi the ropes on Idol Room, 2019

As the first recruit of the ultimate K-Pop group ‘Idol 999,’ Kang Seungyoon appeared during Jeon Somi’s Idol Room guesting to show her the ropes! Seungyoon guested on Ep55, broadcast on June 18, 2019.

‘Idol 999’ is the dream team created by selecting only the best-of-the-best of the idols guesting on Idol Room. They are led and managed by the hosts- Doni & Coni! LOL

It was a super fun guesting where Sunbae Yoon teaches Somi to be shameless in variety, the skills needed to play the air guitar perfectly but cannot bear to see the amazing results of his guidance!

The full episode is available with Eng Subs on most streaming sites like these – Yoon comes in at the 34:00 mins mark. Enjoy more cocky, unabashed Yoon! 😉

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