Yoon covers Haebaragi on ‘Chart Rewriting Show: #1 Song is?’ 2019

Seungyoon appeared as a contestant on MBC’s Rewriting Charts Show: #1 Song is? Season 2 Episodes 3-4, broadcast on April 4 & 12, 2019. The theme of this battle was to remake hits from the ’90s and all the contestants were survival show specialists with a special recall to both John Park & Seungyoon competing in Superstar K2.

The other contestants in the competition were WJSN’s Yeojung (cover of 015B’s Empty Street), Kassy & Giant Pink (covered Hyun Jin Young’s Sad Mannequin), John Park (who covered Kim Ji Yeon’s When The Cold Wind Blows) and PENTAGON’s Hui & Jinho who covered Kim Min Woo’s My Friend, My Place of Reprieve.

The highlight of the show was WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon’s performance of Haebaragi’s legendary song “With Love.” It began with a barely heard soft whisper before an explosion of God Yoon’s powerful vocals! He then invited the audience to sing together in the middle of the song, making for a beautifully moving collaboration. The senior, Lee Ju Ho of Haebaragi (Sunflower) was so touched that he warmly hugged Seungyoon and did not let go of his hand until the end, showing unguarded affection.

They won all 10/10 votes to move to the final round! And at the end of this fierce competition, it was Haebaragi’s Lee Ju Ho and WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon who claimed first place, bringing “With Love” to the No. 1 position once more in 2019 — a truly well-deserved win!

The song topped NAVER music for days and is the highest viewed song from the Chart Rewriting Song & was also released digitally.

The show is not yet subbed – WLSY Subs team hopes to bring it you this year, post War of Villains (fingers crossed!). Till then enjoy the short clips which are subbed & the cuts from YouTube. 🙂

YouTube Playlist

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