Seungyoon guests on Radio Star with Kyuhyun & Eun Jiwon, 2019

On the June 12, 2019 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Seungyoon guested along with SECHKIES’s Eun Jiwon, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & Lee Jin Ho; while Seunghoon took on the role of Special MC.

Like all Radio Star episodes, this was too was a nice mix of ragging, teasing and heartfelt conversation! Seungyoon shared how thankful he was towards Eun Jiwon for taking care of WINNER, his juniors, so well and especially during Flower Crew. Hoony agrees before quipping in to add, “Our company doesn’t have many senior artists left” !! LOL

Seungyoon shared with the writers of the show that he thinks the members feel sorry for him, to which Seunghoon, who never misses a chance to tease the maknae, wittily replied saying,

“Why would we feel sorry for him? He’s rich from royalties. And he enjoys collecting things. He collects watches and expensive cameras. One day I sat down at the table to eat, and, mind you, [Seungyoon] doesn’t sleep in pajamas. He was only wearing a watch and his underwear.It was like he was announcing that he had bought a new watch.” !! ❤ ❤

Kang Seung Yoon said, “I really like watches.”

Seungyoon explained why he thinks the members may have felt sorry for him:

“I’m an outsider (Korean slang meaning someone who prefers being alone and doesn’t easily fit in). I don’t see my friends a lot. It’s to the point where the members will tell me to go out and see people more. I thought I was happy, but recently, I got hit with a dose of reality. The weather was so nice and flowers had bloomed, so I thought I should meet up with someone and left the house. But then I realized suddenly that there was no one. There was no one that I could call to come out, and even if I did see someone, there was nothing to do.”

He talks about how he was inspired to make Millions from all the little things fans love about then for instance his pink elbows; recording songs with Yoon Jongshin and more. Seungyoon also performed his hit-single Instinctively, this time as a duet along with Kyuhyun !! A fun & upgraded 2019 version of the song!

The episode is available with Eng Subs on the usual streaming Korean sites. Look for Radio Star Ep 621 or find links at the WINNER Masterlist

Here’s the YouTube playlist of the episode

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