Seungyoon shares his thoughts on the survival show: YG Treasure Box, 2018

WINNER appeared as special judges on the survival reality program to decide YG’s next boy group lineup: YG TREASURE BOX Ep 6 – 7, and 9, in December 2018. They helped judge which units would be selected from their two-on-two battles and also provided mentor ship to the teams in later rounds.

Seungyoon who is no stranger to survival programs, having competed successfully in Superstar K2 and WIN:Who is Next, shared his thoughts about the program during an interview:

“There are really a lot of trainees, and I hope they all do well. However, since there’s a limit to the group size, they can’t all debut right away. I think I said things to them that really came from my heart to try to help them.” He added with a laugh, “I also said things that wouldn’t be able to be shown on television.”

“Even for the trainees who are eliminated and go back to training, the experience of being on a survival show is an opportunity for them to really improve. Since it’s a television show, even those trainees will definitely develop a fandom. I think there are no drawbacks. I hope that they use the opportunity well and it drives them to advance.”

Kang Seungyoon about YG Treasure Box, 2018

When asked if he thinks that the trainees need harsh criticism, Kang Seung Yoon replied, “Of course. I still keep in mind the feedback that I received from Park Jin Young, Yoon Jong Shin, and Lee Seung Chul in the past.” The three artists appeared as judges on “Superstar K2.” He continued,

“The thing I remember the most is that I was told, ‘You can just sing with your own voice. Why are you forcing yourself to change your voice when you sing?’ I now sing in a much more comfortable way than I did then. I always keep that kind of feedback in mind. I didn’t take it lightly because it was something they were telling me based on their considerable experience as senior artists.”

Kang Seungyoon on YG Treasure Box, 2018

Eng Subs for the full episodes are available on YouTube and VLive:

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