Seungyoon & Jinu guest at the Life Bar, 2019

Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo appeared on the Episode-102 of tvN’s Life Bar, broadcast on December 20, 2018. A really fun conversation over drinks in the evening along with the show hosts Kim Heechul, Shin Dongyup and Kim Junhyun and fellow guests, it was a galore of Team Kills! Jinu revealed that Seungyoon wears a hair piece because he doesn’t have a lot of hair and a wide forehead! Hahaha! To which a (mock) enraged Seungyoon explained & outed Jinwoo in turn:

“He said this? This is really a secret, something that only people close to me know. I have one on now. But saying that it’s because I don’t have a lot of hair is an exaggeration. It’s not that I have hair loss. It’s not hair loss. I wear [hairpieces] to add volume to my hair because it flattens easily with time.

Jinwoo hyung has changed. Personality disqualified. Recently, his personality has become really sharp. One day, his stage outfit was so nice, so I complimented him. He just said, ‘Hey. Keep that kind of talk to yourself.’ Turns out he didn’t like the outfit.”

They even sang lovely Christmas carols – a lovely fun guesting, watch the full episode with eng subs on any regular streaming site.

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