2Seung solve puzzles on Brainiacs/ Problematic Man, 2019

Seungyoon and Seunghoon guested on the 188th episode of tvN’s Problematic Men, broadcast on January 2, 2019, a show where the cast solves puzzles requiring lot of logic, reasoning and sharp brains!

This episode had a escape room theme, where the blindfolded cast found themselves trapped in a pitch-dark cube. They had to solve the puzzles in a given time limit or remain stuck! Punishments included wind blasts/cold blasts and being stuck for eternity. Haha

Cute show where the WINNER members enthusiastically join the case in attempting to solve the puzzles. Hoony shares that it was his childhood dream to become a detective, while Yoon boasts about his IQ of 141 not just 140! Hehe

Eng Subs for the show are available on any streaming site. You can find links on the Winner Masterlist.

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