[OFFICIAL] Stop Your Tears ෆ Remember Forever ෆ

 ‘Remember’ me Forever 

Hello Inner Circle

WINNER’s 3rd full album
Which we’ve all been waiting for,
Remember‘ has been released!

An album presented for the fans
Tightly and tightly packed in
With WINNER’s hopes to ‘remember each other’ෆ

The title song ‘Remember’, written and composed by MINO
What message did WINNER want to send Inner Circle?

♪Feet don’t fail me
Let’s run back in time♪

We’ve met WINNER
The members’ untold stories!
Let’s listen to them now

• ۰ · 。゚☾。゚· ۰ •
Miss you … KANG KIM SONG LEE ♥
• ۰ · 。゚☾。゚· ۰ •

ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ Miss you JINU ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

Q. It’s an album being released in 5 years since ‘CROSS’, released last year on October. How do you feel.

“I’m happy and delighted to release a new album in a relatively short period!
It’s always the case, but this album in particular is our connection point with Inner Circle.
Within the album, we’ve put in our hearts.
I think it will be an album one can find new messages as you listen to it over and over”.

Q. 4-member versions of ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t flirt’, ‘Color ring’, and ‘Different’ were included in the album.
You must have felt some type of way while re-recording songs from 6 years ago.

“I know Inner Circle have waited for these songs for a long time.
We enjoyed working on them with the hopes that our fans would be happy with them”.

“Also, the official version of ‘Serenade’, which I’ve performed only through our concerts, was listed on the album as well?!
Please listen to it while reminding yourselves with my performance~!”

Hello, YOON 
Leader YOON monitoring while hugging ‘Thor’!

‘Thor’ and ‘Kang’

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ They’re both so pretty ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Q. We’re curious about the behind stories on the creation of JINU’s solo track, ‘Dduk’!

“During one of our past concerts, JINU covered G-DRAGON’s ‘Untitled’.
It was so beautiful, that I wanted to make a solo song for him”.

“The song seems to be a breakup song.
But in fact, the characters in the lyrics of ‘Dduk’ do not break up.
It’s a song which I metaphorically expressed the feelings I’ve had towards JINU with a breakup story, so please listen to the song while drawing the picture in your head”.

I’ve learned that ‘Human Sexy’ is the term you use at this occasion.

Nickname rich MINO adds another one~~~~

Q. We wonder how the title song ‘Remember’ was created. Is there a listening point?

“It’s a song I worked with deep emotions I’ve felt… About March last year.
I’ve developed it in detail later to complete the song.
When I was directing, I almost shed tears since I could feel even the little shivers of our members’ voices.
All members were really into the song while recording.
The song includes each member’s unique charms and vocals,
so I think all parts are listening points”.

“The lyrics ask you to remember us in a situation where we have to separate for some time…
I hope the listeners can reminisce the time they’ve supported WINNER and feel happy”.

Q. How would you express your 3rd album ‘Remember’ in four words?

“Beauty of blank space. It’s an album with blank spaces we’ll fill out when we return”.

“A global master piece. In our hearts, it’s really a masterpiece”.

“It still goes on”.

“Be safe and be well. In a meaning to tell our fans to stay healthy while remembering.
I hope us and Inner Circle will stay healthy until we meet again”.

Q. The end of the first chapter… What does ‘WINNER’ mean to you?

“Everything of my youth”.

“Something I can’t live without”.

“A nest. Where I’ve ate and grown up with my friends I was born with and learned how to fly”.

“The biggest pie of my 20s, which I’ve spent most of my 20s with”.

Q. Last words for Inner Circle.

“Looking back into the past 7 years, I would like to thank Inner Circle for being with us every moment and protecting the group WINNER”.

“As much as you have loved us,
I hope you will be happy and loved even more”.

“Inner Circle who supported us and allowed us to exist, I love you”.

“Like we prepared this album for the fans,
Inner Circle, thank you for making us smile and do our best. I love you”.

‘The end of the first chapter’ means another beginning, not the end, right?
Stop shedding tears… Dduk!
Remember Forever

Where the Inner Circle sticks light up, that’s the universe we live with WINNER

Inner Circle filling up the arena with blue waves
The overwhelming moments of connecting together
( ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )

‘WINNER and Us, This Film-Like Moment Until the End’

‘WINNER—̳͟͞͞♥Inner Circle’

“Because Inner Circle Exist, WINNER Exists”


Source: YG-Life | Naver
Photo/Contents: YG Entertainment
This content has been produced and provided by the agency

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