[NEWS] “Remember Forever”, WINNER’s Ardent Emotions That Make The Listeners Cry, Sincerity That Will Be Remembered

WINNER came back with a song that will be remembered forever. WINNER’s ardent sincerity comforts the listeners for their vacancy as a full group as well as making them shed tears.

On April 9 at 6 PM, WINNER released their third full album ‘Remember’.

In addition to the title song ‘Remember’ written and composed by MINO, new songs written and composed by the members and special tracks re-recorded by YOON·JINU·MINO·HOONY such as ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Color Ring’, and ‘Different’, adding up to a total of 12 tracks, were included in the album.

The song ‘Remember’ is more special than any of WINNER’s previous releases. It is because the fans will not be able to see WINNER as a full group due to the members’ enlistments. Their latest album will be the last album before WINNER takes a break as a team.

As a result, the title song ‘Remember’ contains WINNER’s sincerity. ‘Remember’ is a Ballad track with lyrical guitar riffs and melodies, in addition to MINO’s emotional lyrics which add sadness to the song.

Through the lyrics “Feet don’t fail me/Not even going to look back/Even if I run away like a coward/Please don’t forget me/Remember Forever Remember me” and “Feet don’t fail me/Let’s back in time/I don’t want to disappear/Please don’t forget me/Remember Forever Remember me”, the members of the group showed off their beautiful vocals.

Each member’s part on ‘Remember’ also emphasizes the members’ strengths, highlighting every part. Nonetheless, the part by JINU, who has already enlisted in the army, fascinates the listeners’ ears and touches their hearts. It gives the feeling of a well-written letter.

The MV for ‘Remember’ also looked back into WINNER’s past 6 years of history, touching the viewers’ heats. The visuals with analog vibes are also very impressive.

Furthermore, the emotional acting by WINNER, who will part with their fans for a while, and their past come together, making the viewers shed tears. The slogan that says, ‘Us and WINNER, this film-like moment until the end’, and the overwhelming moments of connecting with Inner Circle(fans) creating blue waves and filling up the arena give a heart touching moment for the viewers.

Unlike their glamorous presence on stage and variety shows, WINNER showed their sincerities on ‘Remember’. It is expected that the fans will also listen to their latest work with ardent feelings, while reminiscing the time they’ve spent with WINNER.

Meanwhile, the members of WINNER were listed as lyricists and composers on all new tracks of the album including the title song ‘Remember’, JINU’s solo track ‘Dduk’, and the pre-release single ‘Hold’. In addition to the aforementioned songs, songs of various genres including ‘Just dance’, the Dance track which the listeners can feel bright and exciting energy, ‘Well’, ‘My Bad’, the R&B track with groovy guitar riffs and acoustic sounds, and ‘Teaser’, the lyrical Hip-hop track.

Each song of the album contains the members’ sincerity. WINNER has worked hard for the past 6 years, establishing themselves as ‘WINNER you trust and listen to’. WINNER has proven their nickname to be true once again and left a masterpiece that will be remembered forever.

Source: YG-Life

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