2Seung impress as panelists on King of Masked Singer, 2018

Seungyoon and Seunghoon were invited as panelists for the 127th generation king battle on MBC King of Masked Singer ‘s episodes 153-154 broadcast on May 13-20, 2018. They impressed everyone with their deductive skills and keen observations in trying to identify the Masked singer’s identities.

Bandied around often with absolute confidence were phrases like “I’m certain that this masked singer is an idol from the way he bows” and “this masked singer’s pronunciation while singing makes it seem like he’s a rapper.” Of course, at one point they had eat their own words & Seunghoon even hid under the table with embarrassment when a Singer they were confident of being their junior, turned out to be a Senior in the industry!

They also dance to ‘Really Really’ with the contestants. These were also the episodes in which Ryan Reynolds contested as the Unicorn while promoting his Deadpool movie.

English Subs for the episodes are available on regular streaming sites. Enjoy!

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