Seungyoon interns at Mimi Shop on their Global Day, 2018

JTBC4’s beauty variety show, Mimi Shop in collaboration with Viu (the online streaming platform) had a ‘Global Open Day‘ where top beauty & lifestyle influencers + 5 lucky fans from South East Asian countries were invited to Mimi shop! The Global day was showcased in Ep 19 of Mimi Shop, broadcast on August 29, 2018.

Seungyoon made a special appearance for this day and interned at Mimi Shop, joining the regular employees of the shop: Sandara Park, H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn, actress Shin So Yul, rapper Cheetah, and model Kim Jin Kyung.

Poodle-haired blonde Yoon was absolutely adorable in this guesting, with his cute English, being surprised that the international guests knew of WINNER, serving them snacks, taking the UwU-est selfies with the guests and generally making them comfortable. He even applied lipstick for some lucky guests and a few even got to try their hand at doing make-up for him! A super cute, fun guesting 🙂

The influencers invited for the show were: Anya Geraldine of Indonesia, Alicia Tan of Malaysia, Ana Gonzales of the Philippines, Soh Pei Shi of Singapore, and Natawan Pormchaichapen of Thailand. You can find more stories and pictures on their profiles. Some vlogs and posts from them are linked below.

The English Subs for this Mimi Shop Ep 19 are available on all regular streaming sites. Find below lots of lovely bts photos & video blogs from the social influencers visiting on the day!

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