[NEWS] WINNER D-1, Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Remember’, “Another Beginning, Not the End”

With the release of WINNER’s new album only a day ahead, a teaser clip containing the group’s affections towards the fans has been revealed.

On April 8 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the second MV teaser clip for ‘Remember’, the title song of WINNER’s third full album, through their official blog.

The teaser clip contained impressive analog visuals which covered the message penetrating the concept of ‘Remember’. The sad lyrics which state WINNER’s emotions, as they are about to depart with their fans for a while, created perfect harmony with the members’ restrained emotion acting, which created a touching vibe.

Moreover, the moments they’ve united with the fans stretched out in a panoramic view, making the viewers fall into their nostalgia. A slogan which read, ‘Us and WINNER, this film-like moment until the end’, was zoomed-in following the overwhelming moments of connecting with Inner Circle(fans) creating blue waves and filling up the arena, adding more ardent feelings to the viewers.

On the following scene, the members sat in a quiet space as opposed to the loud and extravagant concert scene shown previously, while having their own thoughts. They’ve reminisced while reading letters or smiled while looking at their past photos. In the end, WINNER sent a silent message for the fans with their warm eyes, raising curiosities on the full-version MV.    

YG also revealed WINNER’s album release ‘D-1 poster’ on the same day. They’ve made an homage to their debut album ‘2014 S/S’, implicitly expressing WINNER’s past and present, as well as containing the hopeful message of another beginning, not the end.

Due to JINU’s enlistment on April 2, WINNER will go on a break after their promotional activities for their 3rd full album are done. Leader YOON comforted the fans and shared his gratitude by stating, “We won’t be able to present full-member performances of our upcoming album, but we’ve prepared a lot for Inner Circle. Please don’t be sad and happily stay with us”.

WINNER’s third full album ‘Remember’ will be released on April 9 at 6 PM. In addition to the title song ‘Remember’ written and composed by MINO, new songs written and composed by the members and special tracks re-recorded by YOON·JINU·MINO·HOONY such as ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Color Ring’, and ‘Different’, adding up to a total of 12 tracks, will be included in the album.

Source: YG-Life

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