[NEWS] ‘Comeback D-3’ WINNER Reveals Sampler for Their New Album ‘Remember’, Expectations Up on the ‘Upcoming Masterpiece’

The sample for group WINNER’s upcoming album has been revealed, gathering the attention of music fans.

On April 6 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the sampler video for WINNER’s third full album ‘Remember’ through their official blog.

Starting with the song ‘Remember’ with the same title of the album, the video introduced parts of 8 new songs including ‘Dduk’, ‘Hold’, ‘My Bad’, ‘Teaser’, ‘Well’, and ‘Serenade’, in addition to 4 re-recorded 4-member version special tracks of ‘Empty’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Color Ring’, and ‘Different’.

The members of WINNER were spotted on the video dimly while being reflected on the light. As the album was said to contain 6 years of WINNER’s history and will be like a gift for the members and Inner Circle(fan), the clip implicitly shows that.

The first track of the album was the title song ‘Remember’. It is a Ballad song with lyrical guitar riffs and melody, which MINO adds mournfulness to with his emotional lyrics. The next track ‘Dduk’ is a solo track by JINU with attractive vocals, which expresses a lover’s emotions before breakup with the ambiguous word, ‘Dduk’. The third track is the pre-release single of the album, ‘Hold’.

‘Just Dance’ is a Dance track containing WINNER’s bright energy. The rhythmical bass line grabs the listeners’ attention. ‘My Bad’ is an R&B track with a groovy electric guitar riff which creates harmony with acoustic sounds. ‘Teaser’ is a lyrical Hip-hop track containing WINNER’s color, while the song’s dreamlike sounds and Trap rhythm stand out.

‘Well’ is another fan song which contains WINNER’s hopes that the fans would stay well why they wait for the group. ‘Serenade’ is the first song written by HOONY. The lyrics which express a situation before breakup creates a contrast with the dynamic sounds and explosive energy of the song, which grabs the people’s attention.

The members of WINNER were listed as lyricists and composers on all tracks of the album, revealing their musical capabilities. As the group has been loved in and out of Korea with their trendy music which transcends genres, the group is raising anticipation on their upcoming album by noticing to release music of their unique color.

WINNER’s third full album ‘Remember’ will be released on the 9th at 6 PM.

Source: YG-Life

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