Ambitious Squirrel Seungyoon on Secret Garden, 2018

Kang Seungyoon guested on tvN’s talk show Secret Garden Season-2 on Episodes 1-2 aired on May 26, 2018 and June 2, 2018. The talk show discusses various topics related to psychology with a panel comprising of psychologists and celebrities. This is a MUST-WATCH show for all Yoon fans and we learn so much about him & his ambitions!

Along with Kang Seungyoon in-depth psychology test and his filmed lifestyle for a day (with baby Thor making an appearance!), the cast discussed various aspects of his personality and where it may stem from.

The Yoon cuts from the show are fully subbed in three parts. Many thanks to @epikwoo and @SKYrenic for providing us with the translations! Episode-1 is an introduction & the panel helps answer some audience questions. Episode-2 has the real meat ! Enjoy ~

After being woken up by his pet dog, Thor, the first thing Seungyoon did was to search his name online on his phone to monitor response and comments to his and WINNER’s content. The other WINNER members expressed their concern that Seungyoon was too invested in checking people’s reactions online and is hurt by them since he absorbs all the comments & that can’t be good for him.

In a ranking among the cast, Seungyoon came out in first as the person with the most rational personality. The psychologist explained that the opposite of a rational personality is not someone who’s instinctive, but rather impulsive. He went on to say that out of the members, Kang Seung Yoon has the lowest impulsiveness.

He also ranked very high among the cast for ‘Wriggling ambition’ and ‘hardwork’. Kang Seungyoon also shared that he works so hard because he wants to break the prejudice against idol and their fans, so that his fans can feel proud to be his fan. *our leader is the sweetest isnt he?! *

“In Korea, there are still people who look down on idol fandom culture. I don’t want people who love us to hear such words. I want to be a nice person who can be of good influence and be accepted by everyone. I don’t want people who like us to be embarrassed (for liking WINNER)”

Kang Seungyoon in Secret Garden, 2018

He was nicknamed sensitive “Ambitious Squirrel“.

He also shares what sort of acting roles he would like to challenge next, his bucket list, and more.

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