Mino & Yoon in a zombie apocalypse on Running Man, 2018

Seungyoon and Mino guested on SBS Running Man Episode 402 broadcast on May 27, 2018 featuring a special ‘Zombie Couple Race’ with other guests including AOA’s Seolhyun and Hyejeong, MOMOLAND’s JooE, and WJSN (Cosmic Girls)’s Dayoung. A really funny episode, with verbal showdown between Mino & Yoo Jaesuk hitting peak ratings!

The world has been hit by a Zombie Apocalypse and there are hidden zombies among the humans… Only secret Vaccines can save them all ! Who will win: The Zombies or the Humans ?!

In a bid to identify the hidden zombies, the cast plays fun games like Dumb Charades and more! Mino’s bidet impersonation ! & UwU Seungyoon is paired with Ji Hyo and asks the pretty noona for some food! ❤ They need to take scary water rides — while Kwangsoo squeals like a baby, Yoon is unfazed! In the final moments of judgment, Mino & Jaesuk try to convince everyone that they are the Vaccine, while Detective Yoon impresses all with his keen logic to zero-in on the suspects!

A super fun episode !! It is available on the usual streaming sites — Some subbed clips from Youtube:

Detective Yoon & Vaccine (?) Mino !!
Youtube Playlist of Subbed Clips

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