WINNER perform ‘First Love’ on Sugarman Season 2, 2018

WINNER came together as a group to contest on JTBC’s Sugarman, Season-2, Episode 16, broadcast on May 6, 2018. The music-variety show has contestants perform their own renditions of classic hits of the past, while also interviewing the original singers and having them perform.

WINNER were up against DinDin and K.Will as the other team, and chose to cover Butterfly Effect. The vocalist of the band, popularly known as the ‘People’s Rocker’, Kim Bada was invited on the show, along with his wife who apparently is a huge fan of WINNER and convinced him to guest on the show !

“These days, [singers] sing love songs in order to be relatable to the public, but I like that the songs back then were free-spirited.”

Lee Seunghoon about Butterfly Effect

Park Narae then went onto introduce WINNER’s Everyday and it’s exciting dance choreography. To this the hosts Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Dindin & K.Will teamed up together to perform the dance, as LOSERS in a hilarious parody, with DinDin as Mino, Heeyeol as the visual Jinu, K.Will as Yoon & Jaesuk as Hoony.

WINNER performed their new version of Butterfly Effect’s First Love, which they transformed by adding trendier sounds and rap. A absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing performance in all aspects from the pleasing melodies to to the rap and godly vocals to the lovely aesthetics — a MUST LISTEN! Of course, WINNER won by a huge margin! 🙂

The WINNER First Love version was released as part of their WE album in 2019. The episode is not fully subbed but clips on YouTube have subs:

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