Melon Radio – WINNER Wonderland Season 3, 2018

WINNER is back for Season 3 of their own radio show at Melon Radio: WINNER Wonderland in April 2018 as part of the EVERYD4Y promotions. As always the WNNER Wonderland episodes are full of heartwarming and funny stories!

Special thanks to @escapealaska for providing us with English Subs!

WINNER Wonderland S3 EP-1

Alt Link: Kor-Chi

WINNER Wonderland S3 EP-2

WINNER talk about themselves in 2044 as fathers, husbands and more ❤

WINNER Wonderland S3 EP-3

Mino’s Baby Shark, Yoon’s cover of Raining & Flower (his unreleased song!), Jinu’s terrible math & Hoony’s army gift idea (ft annoying ahjumma voice!)

Alt Link: Kor-Chi

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