[NEWS] The Keywords of WINNER’s ‘Remember’, #The End of Chapter 1 #Memories #Together

Remember. WINNER’s third full album title with the meaning, ‘Let’s remember each other’, is clear and definite. WINNER chose 4 keywords that imply their third full album ‘Remember’. “The End of Chapter 1 for WINNER #Memories #The Meaning of Being Together #And…”

The title poster for WINNER’s ‘Remember’ was revealed on April 3. The 2 black and white photos of the 4 members, YOON, HOONY, MINO, and JINU who entered the Army training center a day before, looked more fondly.

The song ‘Remember’, which shares the title of the album, revealed its mood through a concept video presenting its lyrical melody and acoustic guitar sounds.

Unlike the pre-release single ‘Hold’, the song ‘Remember’ will pass on WINNER’s sincerity to the fans through its calm yet warm vibes.

Regarding ‘Remember’, MINO introduced, “The members fell for it all when we recorded. Even the trembles in our voices had sincerity in them. While it’s a song that has a lot of meaning if you go over the lyrics, it’s also a song that’s comfortable to listen to”.

‘Remember’ was written and composed by MINO, while producers of YG including Kang Uk Jin and Diggy helped out in the composing and arrangement of the song to raise its level of completion. MINO’s unique poetic metaphors and the lyrics which one can feel empathy through their daily lives will touch many music fans’ hearts. 

WINNER’s third full album ‘Remember’, which contains a total of 12 tracks, will be released on the 9th at 6 PM. YG explained, “It will recollect WINNER’s footsteps and will be an album for the fans for the new memories they will create in the future”.

Source: YG-Life

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