[NEWS] JINU of WINNER to be Enlisted, The Group’s Sincerity on ‘Remember’, “We’ll Be Everlasting”, YOON’s Narration

WINNER confessed their wholehearted sincerity contained on their third album ‘Remember’, which touched the fans’ hearts and made them emotional.

On April 2 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the second concept video of ‘Remember’ through their official blog.

The members of WINNER were dressed up in clean suits, while YOON’s narration in the vague mood decorated the clip.

WINNER shared their gratitude towards the fans who have been supporting them from their debut back in 2014 until now, in addition to their promise.

I was once empty / (EMPTY)
But, you became my exit. / (EXIT:E)
I really fell in love with you (REALLY REALLY)
hoping you would love me too. (LOVE ME LOVE ME)
Everyday, making millions of memories (EVERYDAY, MILLIONS)
we finally crossed hearts. (WE, CROSS)
Though it may feel like the end, Remember me and we’ll be everlasting. (REMEMBER)

It was a message which the fans of WINNER would notice in an instant. WINNER utilized the titles of their representative songs, albums, and ‘Remember’ for the narration.

YG explained, “It will be an album dedicated for the fans to reminisce WINNER’s past footsteps and for their new memories they will make in the future”.

Meanwhile, JINU, the eldest member of WINNER, will enlist in the ROK Army Training Center located in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do today(2nd).

WINNER’s 3rd full album will be released on April 9. The pre-release single ‘Remember’, the song with the same title of the album, was written and composed by MINO. MINO’s unique emotional lyrics add mournfulness to the Ballad track.

Source: YG-Life

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