[NEWS] WINNER Reveals Track List of Upcoming 3rd Album, Title song ‘Remember’, Written and Composed by MINO

WINNER revealed the track list of their upcoming third full album ‘Remember’. Including the title song ‘Remember’, a total of 12 tracks will make the listeners’ hearts shake.

According to YG Entertainment on April 1, WINNER’s third album ‘Remember’ has a short but strong meaning of ‘Let’s remember each other’. WINNER’s feelings on having to be away from their fans due to their military duties were included in the album. The members participated in the writing and composing of songs themselves to put in their sincere messages they wanted to share with their fans through music.

The title song ‘Remember’ was written and composed by MINO(co-composed by Kang Ukjin·Diggy), just as he did with the pre-release single ‘Hold’. The lyrical guitar riffs in addition to MINO’s unique emotional melodies and lyrics adds sorrow to the Ballad genre song. MINO explained, “We put in WINNER’s entire hearts”.

The 2nd track ‘Dduk’ also grabs the people’s attention. ‘Dduk’ is a solo track by JINU. The song was written by YOON and composed by YOON and AiRPLAY of YG Entertainment. The song expresses a lover’s emotions before breaking up with an ambiguous word, ‘Dduk’.

HOONY’s first-ever self-written track ‘Serenade’ was also included in the playlist, putting the fans in joy. ‘Serenade’, presented on concerts and year-end award ceremonies, is an exciting song with dynamic sounds and HOONY’s explosive energy. As the song will be released officially in approximately 5 years, the music fans are expected to react enthusiastically.

In addition to the mentioned tracks, the members of WINNER were credited as lyricists and composers on all tracks of the album including ‘Just Dance’, ‘My Bad’, ‘Teaser’, and ‘Well’, showing off their capabilities as artists. WINNER’s broad music spectrum which transcends genres including Dance, R&B, Rap & Hip-hop, and Ballad will also be presented through the upcoming album.

YG Entertainment stated, “The special tracks will be 4 songs including ‘Empty’, ‘DON’T FLIRT’, ‘COLOR RING’, and ‘Different’ re-recorded by the four members YOON·JINU·MINO·HOONY”. They explained, “In addition to the 8 new tracks, the album will be a gift to both WINNER and the fans which includes their 6 years of history”.

Source: YG-Life

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