Youth over Flowers – WINNER, 2017

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Youth Over Flowers – WINNER edition, lovingly called Winner over Flowers (or WOF) by fans, is one of WINNER’s best variety shows – a MUST WATCH, full of humour, love and madness of 20-something-year-old Youth on a holiday! The fifth edition of tvN’s hit travel-reality franchise ‘Youth over Flowers,’ the shooting took place in Australia from October 10 – 18, 2017 and the show was broadcast in 4 episodes from November 7-28, 2017, with a lovely bonus Director’s cut episode in Jan 2018. The story behind how this show came to be is just fascinating! Read on~

The Origins: During a mission on New Journey to the West – Season 4, Mino, in an unbelievable feat of ridiculous god-level elephant spinning skills, won a Porsche (USD 250,000) and a Lamborghini (USD 400,000), bringing Na PD down to his knees and earning himself the moniker of Song Garak (Song Finger)! Na PD instead offered the cast 5 dragon balls and fulfilment of their dreams if they can win all 8 dragon balls. Amazingly, Mino came through again to win the 8th dragon ball (in a miraculous feat of spinning water bottles) to choose his dream of going on a trip with his group WINNER on Youth Over Flowers, a show which all the members wanted to be on.

The Aftermath & Kidnapping: The concept of Youth over Flowers is that the participating members know nothing about them being cast and are kidnapped in a surprise event & whisked away to the destination with no money or preparation. However, with Mino having won the show, WINNER was alerted and prepared to be kidnapped at all times! They even went to grocery stores in fancy clothes carrying money & credit cards all the time! Haha ! They even cheekily sent this pic:

Faced with such preparedness, the production team even asked fans for ideas on how to kidnap them ! To catch WINNER off-guard, eventually the production team went all-out in devising a plan. They signed on WINNER to star in a (fake) commercial for a car, even roping in a real CF director and using fancy HD cameras and (fake) computer graphics! Luring them with the idea, they even filmed WINNER dancing in front of the (fake) new car model to their song Island! The climax was them wearing prisoner clothes & ‘escaping’ from boring life in the car (on a trailer), all the while unaware that they have been kidnapped and were on their way to the airport to go to Australia! Hahaha!

In Australia: The show provided WINNER their first opportunity to travel together without an agenda or schedule or supervision by their agency. Things which we take for granted and are so easy for us, were a new novel experience for them – right from making hotel bookings to driving a car. The boys were so thrilled at the opportunity & wanted to enjoy every minute of it and were happy & excited at every small thing like successfully eating hamburgers or buying cheap underwear to save money! It’s a lovely show following these young men as they travel across Western Australia for 8 days – Perth, Rottnest Island and Pinnacles, going Sky diving, surfing, whale watching and even the beautiful Southern night skies, while navigating tiny skirmishes between friends. A beautiful show with the influential Kang Manager who budgeted the allowance, MasterChef Hoony with crazy radar for yumm food places, Flower-boy Jinu with confident English skills and Song Garak of uncontrollable excitement!

You can’t help fall in love with them, watching their true enjoyment and wonder at all things around them. Shin Ho Jung PD shared her impressions saying:

If ‘New Journey to the West 4’ hadn’t happened, we would never have gotten to see WINNER’s charms, so I actually think it was a great opportunity. I thought they were just putting on ‘idol smiles,’ as they say, but after meeting them in person, I realized they were deeply optimistic people.

Because they’ve been through so many hardships, I think they’ve developed the habit of thinking positively. There must have been many situations during the trip when they could have complained rightfully, but instead they always said, ‘It’s fine.’

Shin Hyo Jung PD about WINNER

Do make sure to read her super lovely interview about WINNER as a group and individually.

Are you ready to watch & fall in love with WINNER once again ?! All subbing credits go to @wof_subs who have done such a lovely job ! Thank you!

About | Profiles | Ep-1 | Ep-2 | Ep-3 | Ep-4 | Director’s Cut | Photos

WOF Profiles

translations by: @tacitslumber

About | Profiles | Ep-1 | Ep-2 | Ep-3 | Ep-4 | Director’s Cut | Photos

WOF Ep-1

The Great Car CF Kidnapping, Target shopping

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WOF Ep-2

Jail-time sports, Skydiving, Quokkas

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WOF Ep-3

The Jeans Controversy, Surfing

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WOF Ep-4

Whale watching, MasterChef Hoony, Starry Starry Dessert Night

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About | Profiles | Ep-1 | Ep-2 | Ep-3 | Ep-4 | Director’s Cut | Photos

KK X WOF Director’s cut

WINNER’s triumphant return & Karaoke with Kang’s Kitchen

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About | Profiles | Ep-1 | Ep-2 | Ep-3 | Ep-4 | Director’s Cut | Photos

WOF Photos

About | Profiles | Ep-1 | Ep-2 | Ep-3 | Ep-4 | Director’s Cut | Photos

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