Special Judge Seungyoon on MIXNINE, 2017

Kang Seungyoon appeared as a Special Judge on the JTBC survival reality program MIXNINE that followed Yang Hyun Suk as he visited over 70 entertainment agencies nationwide to find the next big star. He appeared on Episodes 8-9, broadcast in December 2017 and joined the judging panel alongside Yang Hyun Suk, CL, and Zion.T to evaluate the performances from the audition’s second mission, “Formation Battle.”

Kang Seungyoon watched the performances closely and shared sincere words of praise and advice with them. As someone with first-hand experience in survival programs, having reached the top 4 of Mnet’s “Superstar K Season 2” in 2010 and appeared in “WIN: Who is Next” in 2013, Seungyoon dd his best to help the contestants.

Of course, debuting is important. And getting no.1 is also important through these competitions. ‘How much can my confidence grow’ you obviously will realize and think about. So, even though it might not to be a good result, I hope everyone will think that it was a good experience regardless

Kang Seungyoon as a Special Judge to Mixnine contestants, 2017

Coincidentally, Kang Seung Yoon was able to judge one of the girls’ teams who chose WINNER’s “Really Really” for the competition. Prior to performance day, he had also visited the recording room where the contestants gathered to record the re-arranged version of “Really Really.”

“Kang Seungyoon did a splendid job as a judge, providing genuine commentary and practical advice. He watched the stages of the boys and girls intently and cheered them on for their passion and drive.”

The production team of MIXNINE

Seungyoon shared a photo (see below) on his Instagram account that appears to have been during or right after the filming of MIXNINE with a caption containing a series of hashtags: “MIXNINE. Lessgirit. They’re really good. A great source of motivation. I support you guys.”

The full episodes of the show are available on any streaming site with Eng Subs. Here are short Seungyoon’s clips from the show.

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