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[NEWS] WINNER Reveals Performance Film of ‘Hold’, Back to the Music Broadcast in the 90s

The performance clip of WINNER’s ‘Hold’ was revealed through YG Entertainment’s official blog on the 28th.

The members of WINNER performed ‘Hold’ live, bounced to the rhythm, and danced to the beat with their hip vibes.

On the other hand, the mood of the clip and calligraphy of the subtitles reminded viewers of a music broadcast video from the 1990s, which grabbed the people’s attention.

The video was full of retro vibes. It gave the fans in their teens and 20s a fresh vibe, while giving nostalgia and fun for the fans in their 30s and 40s.

The people were able to assume that as WINNER has established fans of all ages through their broad music spectrum, the listeners who enjoyed listening to ‘Hold’ was formed regardless of age and gender.

‘Hold’ is a song that covers one’s emotions while watching the people around him who have fling, and his feelings he has towards a woman he has fling with. The catchy melody makes the listeners nod their heads and sing-along to the exciting song.

The ‘Hold Finger Dance’, the finger cover version of the choreography of ‘Hold’, became a hot topic on social media even before the song was released. The fans shared their versions of the finger dance and their dance of ‘Hold’ through social media channels. The ‘Hold Challenge’ is currently ongoing on TikTok, the short video platform.

WINNER’s ‘Hold’ was ranked at no. 1 on music charts in and out of Korea after the song was released on the 26th. The fans left positive reviews on the song ‘Hold’ and WINNER as ‘WINNER you trust and listen to’, due to its exciting vibes that match the mood of Spring.

WINNER will meet their fans through the Naver comeback live ‘WINNER COMEBACK LIVE : Hold a ‘Remember’ Party’ on the 30th at 9 PM.

During the live broadcast which is to be specially held for an hour and 30 minutes, WINNER will perform ‘Hold’ live for the first time. Furthermore, the group will share their behind stories on the creation process of ‘Hold’ and some information on the track list of their upcoming third full album, ‘Remember’, to be released on April 9.

Source: YG-Life

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