[NEWS] ‘Comeback D-1’ WINNER Reveal ‘Final Version’ of Finger Dance from ‘Hold’ MV

The final version of the finger dance from the MV for ‘Hold’, WINNER’s pre-release single, has been revealed. Furthermore, the catchy and exciting chorus melody and lyrics have also unveiled completely, raising the fans’ expectations to its climax.

On March 25, YG Entertainment uploaded the second teaser clip of ‘Hold’ through their official blog.

The video included the main chorus of ‘Hold’. While one verse made the listeners bounce their necks and shoulders to the beat, MINO X JINU and YOON X HOONY teamed up to present a ‘couple finger dance’.

The members personified a couple with ‘fling’ through fingers. WINNER expressed the way they hold hands and dance with their feet on sync, or the male poking the woman on the side and kissing together in a cute way, presenting a lovely mood.

MINO, known as the ‘Song Garak’, came up with the idea of the finger dance for ‘Hold’. The dance which anyone can follow with ease without being restricted to space is gaining popularity online. The fans are already showing heated reactions by uploading finger dance videos to their social media accounts with hashtags ‘DDeumChallenge’ and ‘FingerDance’.

The fans’ expectations on the main MV for ‘Hold’ are also getting bigger. Through the ‘D-1’ poster of Hold’ revealed on the same day, YG Entertainment noticed the story of WINNER members and LEE SUHYUN of AKMU who will present acting as siblings of ‘4 brothers and 1 sister’.

The pre-release title ‘Hold’ from WINNER’s third full album will be released on the 26th. The group will perform the song live for the first time on the 30th at 9 PM through Naver VLIVE ‘WINNER COMEBACK LIVE : Hold a ‘Remember’ Party;.

The song ‘Hold’ contains a man’s emotions towards a woman he has fling with, in addition to his feelings of watching the people around him who have fling. It is a song in a Trap genre with a catchy main melody, witty arrangement, and WINNER’s vocals in spoken style which blend well together.

Source: YG-Life

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