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[NEWS] WINNER Reveals ‘Hold’ MV Teaser, A Sense of Humor Expected

WINNER raised the fans’ expectations by releasing a MV teaser, 2 days prior to the release of WINNER’s pre-release single ‘Hold’.

On March 24 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the MV teaser video for WINNER’s ‘Hold’.

The video reminds the viewers of a sitcom. Laughing sounds start playing on the screen with retro mood, grabbing the people’s attention in an instant. Despite being short, the 33-second clip show the MV story of WINNER’s upcoming single ‘Hold’.

The comic yet real sibling act by YOON, JINU, MINO, and HOONY of WINNER and LEE SUHYUN as 4 brothers and a sister grabbed the people’s attention. The video shows little sister LEE SUHYUN who’s tired of his brothers and them(WINNER) wanting to intervene on their sister’s date.

They look to be at peace, but one can feel a strange war of nerves. The brothers who worry about their sister and waiting for the right timing makes the viewers burst into laughter along with LEE SUHYUN’s crafty yet lovely acting.

Moreover, the intro melody of ‘Hold’ was revealed for the first time through the MV teaser, making the viewers pay attention. The lyrics of ‘Hold’ harmonizes with the synthesizer sounds, creating a jolly mood.

The song ‘Hold’ contains a man’s emotions towards a woman he has fling with, in addition to his feelings of watching the people around him who have fling.

The song’s catchy main melody, witty arrangement, and WINNER’s vocals in spoken style which blend well together. The song was written and composed by MINO while R.Tee participated in the composing and arrangement of the track to raise its level of musical completion.

‘Hold’, the pre-release title song of WINNER’s upcoming 3rd album ‘Remember’, will be released on the 26th, while the group’s live performance of the song will be broadcasted through ‘WINNER COMEBACK LIVE : Hold a ‘Remember’ Party’ on the 30th at 9 PM.

Source: YG-Life

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